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Get Water Softeners without the Slimy Feel 

Most people hate the feel of softened water.  To some it feels silky,  to others it feels slimy. Our systems soften your water without that slimy feel.    

Our Enhanced Filtration Systems are approved for approved municipal water systems. 
Every water softener in the universe besides the Enhanced Tech makes soft water that feels slimy.

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Commercial, Residential City Water Treatment Options

We Service Residential and Commercial properties with water purification and water treatments of all sorts.  We can make restaurant drinking water as fresh as a natural spring.    

Did you know that your water could have Radon or Arsenic?  Even municipal water can have levels of certain chemicals that are considered safe by the EPA. The question for you is: would you like to reduce these levels even further?            

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How Safe is Your Well Water?

We test for chemical and baterial pollution, heavy metals, and other sources of contamination.  We have the right equipment to solve your water problems.

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Crusader of Texas is Independently Owned and Operated by IWP Incorporated. IWP Incorporated is the Master Dealer and Distributor of Crusader Water Treatment Products for the Sate of Texas.
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